Love and serve the city in the name of Christ.


Connecting people, entities, and resources for greater Kingdom impact.


We will expose, equip, and engage people in the service of Christ. We long to see God’s people renewed, the Church repositioned to run with God, the reputation of Christ restored in our communities, and all people reconciled to God.

Theological Vision Statement

We stand as the church of Portland united under our Lord Jesus Christ. Together we seek to make disciples, serve our city, and plant churches. Making disciples by helping people to embrace the work of Christ by faith, order their life around following Jesus, and stewarding their life for the Glory of God. We seek to serve our city by loving our neighbor, doing justice, showing mercy and proclaiming the Gospel. We desire to see the church reproduced through planting churches, training pastors, equipping disciples and sending the church into new places in our city for the glory of Christ. Together we pray that Jesus will transform our city for His glory and the people’s joy.