human trafficking

Human Trafficking


  1. Every 2 minutes a child is exploited in the sex industry.
  2. 12 yrs old is the average age of girls trafficked.
  3. 200,000 domestic sex slaves have already been forced into the commercial sex trade in the US.
  4. 1.2 million people are trafficked across international borders each year.
  5. 27 million victims of sex slavery and slave labor are crying out for freedom right now.

Portland, Oregon has one of the highest incident rates per capita for the sexual victimization of women, teens, and children in the United States. Although many churches and groups have taken up the cause against sex trafficking, no one church or organization can solve this problem.

Significant help can only come through a unified effort.

Community Connections

  • Abolition Now

    Abolition Now
    Abolition Now is a collaborative anti-human trafficking movement mobilized by Compassion Connect.

  • Advent Conspiracy

    Advent Conspiracy
    Advent Conspiracy works with the International Justice Mission to bring rescue to victims of sexual exploitation through rethinking the Christmas season.

  • City of Portland

    City of Portland
    The City of Portland is fighting to reduce juvenile sex trafficking and provides great resources for community members.

  • The Cupcake Girls

    Cupcake Girls
    The Cupcake Girls offers women working in the adult entertainment industry non-judgmental support, consistent caring, and community resources.
  • Domestic Violence Resource Center

    Domestic Violence Resource Center
    Domestic Violence Resource Center empowers all individuals and families to have safe and healthy relationships.
  • Door to Grace

    Door to Grace
    Door to Grace provides restorative care services and safe shelter for children who are survivors of commercial sexual exploitation
  • EPIK Project

    EPIK Project
    The EPIK Project is a grassroots strategy created to bring men to the fight against sex trafficking in America.

  • The Gateway Center

    Gateway Center
    The Gateway Center serves domestic violence survivors and their children in a welcoming place with a variety of culturally sensitive and trauma-informed services.

  • Janus Youth Programs

    Janus Youth Programs
    Abused and neglected youth. Runaway, homeless and sex trafficked youth. Teen parents and their children. Low-income families living in inner-city neighborhoods. These are the children, youth and families Janus Youth Programs has championed since 1972.

  • Mending the Soul

    Mending the Soul
    Mending the Soul aims to show God’s justice by standing against abuse, and His mercy by protecting the vulnerable and healing the broken.

  • OATH

    Oregonians Against Trafficking Humans vows to prevent the exploitation of men, women and youth, by educating and promoting practical community engagement by Oregonians in order to end the tragedy of trafficking. 

  • Oregon Center for Christian Voices

    Oregon Center for Christian Voices
    The Oregon Center for Christian Voices advocates for bills that deal with trafficking reduction and protecting victims.

  • SARC

    Oregon’s Sexual Assault Resource Center’s mission is to promote social justice by eliminating sexual violence in our community through education, support and advocacy.

  • Shared Hope International

    Shared Hope International
    Shared Hope International strives to prevent the conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children.