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The mission of rebuilding communities intentionally starts with the basic foundational truth: what a man thinks, he becomes. A person's behavior is often dictated by his or her thoughts.

Change a thought: change a life. Changed lives then transform families. Transformed families change communities. And restored communities change our nation. (READ MORE...)

The division of the sacred from the secular has led to the cultural disintegration that we are now experiencing. God never intended that such a separation exist in His world. From Genesis to Revelation, it is clear that the spiritual and the social are always to be integrated if life is to be lived as God had planned. Yet implementing this in a nation that has established divisions between the sacred and the secular must be done in such a way that respects the institutional separation of church and state while also reflecting God's kingdom values through acts of service.

Why Churches Are Critical To Changing Our Nation

One significant advantage of churches is that they are located everywhere. There is an average of fourteen churches for every public school in America. They are closest to the needs of the people since they are located in the heart of the community. Churches also offer the largest volunteer force in the nation, enabling strategic mobilization to bring about lasting positive change.

Likewise, churches already have buildings for use in hosting community programs. They also offer a combined spiritual and moral framework for assisting people to make good choices. Since many of our nation's issues stem from ethical and moral foundations, churches represent the most strategic social service agency to restore hope and transform lives.

The "National Adopt-A-School Initiative" presents a a six-hour workshop offering pastors and church leaders the building blocks for starting or enhancing the delivery of social services to urban youth and their families. Participants will receive an overview of the process for adopting public schools and creating programs, including school-based mentoring, to meet the vast needs of public school youth and their families.

Training Topics Include:

• Strengthening your capacity for ministry

• Program initiatives, including mentoring

• How to develop partner relations

• Strategic outreach blueprints

• Resourcing the vision

For more information regarding our training programs, please Contact Bill Collins:

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