Success at Adorned in Grace Ministries

on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 Posted in Stories, Happenings, Human Trafficking

Success at Adorned in Grace Ministries

As the summer heats up, Adorned In Grace is enjoying success in their various ministries.

First, the organization's Design Studio ministry is gearing up for a grand opening. According to their website, "The Adorned in Grace Design Studio is an outreach to at-risk teens in our own Portland neighborhoods. It is the desire of Design Studio volunteers to connect with young girls at perhaps the most vulnerable time of their lives to convey that they are incredibly valuable, uniquely created, and deeply loved."

Beautiful silks and lace are transformed completely into original items, as at-risk girls learn through mentoring, Bible study, and friendship. The ultimate goal is to inspire these young women to become advocates to at-risk friends and family, combating and stopping child sex trafficking in Portland. Find out more information about The Design Studio!

The second success enjoyed by Adorned in Grace is the spreading of the Dress for Freedom initiative. According to the organization, Dress for Freedom, "is a special event for teenage girls living in foster care and other unstable living environments. It’s a fun-filled day of pampering and serves as an outreach opportunity to connect with young girls at perhaps the most vulnerable time of their lives."

Due to the fantastic results and nature of the annual event, it has spread around the world. Dress for Freedom is now being hosted in Seattle, Arizona, and even Australia. Such a successful event that teaches love and beauty in spite of explioitation highlights the fantastic work being done by another Portland organization. Let's celebrate in these two successes! 

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