A new type of school partner

on Monday, December 16, 2013 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

A new type of school partner

Photo via The Times

In the Portland area, church and school partnerships are becoming more and more common. The effectiveness of these partnerships in impacting students, teachers, and staff of public schools has inspired the faith community to action, especially the students at Horizon Christian High School and Westside Christian School. These two unique partnerships were the subject of a recent article in The Times-Tigard, Tualatin, and Sherwood.

According to the article, a counselor at Tualatin Elementary, Erin Gillam, received a call from Horizon about a year ago asking if the school could do anything to help out around the building. Since that call, Horizon students have volunteered by reading with students, organizing games at recess and helping out in music and P.E. classes at Tualatin Elementary. They also worked in the school’s community garden and spruced up the school grounds.

“It has developed into a strong community partnership,” said Tualatin Principal Jamie Kingery in the article. “It is important for kids to see older students and adults giving back, and that’s the whole idea around it.”

At Westside Christian High School, students have formed a similar partnership with Metzger Elementary School that has lasted for about three years. Students at Westside spruce up school grounds and throw a carnival for the students at the elementary school each year.

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