A Perfect Fit for a Better Community

on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

A Perfect Fit for a Better Community
More than 105 people gathered for Clark County's first Faith-Based School Partnership meeting on November 4. Representatives from 25 of the 33 Vancouver Public schools and more than 35 different faith community leaders were in attendance. They discussed what makes a successful partnership and what some of the barriers were to successful partnerships. They also discussed how to overcome those barriers.

Summary of Table Top Discussions :

Barriers: Concerns about separation of church and state. Churches unaware of the needs. Instead of seeing how far apart we can get from the line that separates church and state, let's see how close we can get to the line and work together.

Success: Some schools have established relationships already and have built trust with their local faith communities. Need to build on this. Under promise what you can do and over deliver.

School Needs: Volunteers, mentors, supplies and materials, after-school programming, etc. Encourage everyone to sign up on School Linkup to stay up-to-date on needs.

Comfort Level with School-Faith Relationships: Everyone felt better after watching "UnDivided". Come with an open heart and no agenda other than to serve and love.

Guidelines/Best Practices: Communication is key to a good relationship. Consider being active in the school's Advisory Board.

Next Steps: Continue to build relationships so that identified needs can be met. Ask about needs and how you can help.