Catalyst Partnerships Serves with No Strings Attached

on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Posted in Stories, Happenings, Hunger

Catalyst Partnerships Serves with No Strings Attached

Catalyst Partnerships NW has been quite busy recently, completing five projects in the months of August and September alone. These projects have reached all around the Portland area, from North Portland to Tigard, from Beaverton to North Plains. Catalyst improves the homes and lives of community members who have trouble physically and financially. Their most recent endeavor, profiled in the Beaverton Valley Times, was building a high quality recreational vehicle ramp for Ruth Ford, 81, who's makeshift ramp had led to accidents for years. 

Beyond serving with no strings attached, one of Catalyst's core values, the six year old organization highlights impressive community collaboration. Catalyst's many improvement projects would not be possible without resources and volunteers sent out by multiple Portland area churches. The services provided are not just pet projects of a single church, but full scale efforts put on by members of many churches. For example the project on Ford's new ramp included hard-working members of A Jesus Church and First Baptist Church of Beaverton.

Catalyst Partnerships serves in this way all year long. While those in need receive quality life improvements, volunteers like the "Band of Brothers" group at A Jesus Church learn about skills like plumbing and construction. Catalyst never fails to make a lasting impact. As Ruth Ford put it in the Valley Times article, "I am just so happy to be getting something where I don't have to break my neck," adding, "God sent (the volunteers) to me. It's just wonderful."

Read the rest of the Beaverton Valley Times article here, and click here to visit Catalyst Partnerships NW website to learn more about the amazing projects they have completed.