Equipping Churches to Unite & Serve

Clinics are catalysts for church collaboration

on Thursday, August 15, 2013 Posted in Stories, Happenings, Health & Wellness

Equipping Churches to Unite & Serve

Compassion Connect was designed to bridge the gap between churches wanting to serve their community and people in need. Compassion Clinics involve different churches working together to provide free healthcare and other basic necessities to low-income individuals and families. At each fair, hundreds of people receive treatment and experience the love of Christ through compassionate volunteers. 

A standalone non-profit organization, Compassion Connect is committed to supporting and resourcing any group of churches that feel led by God to serve their neighbors through medical, dental, and chiropractic care. Churches interested in starting a clinic in their neighborhood can connect via Compassion Connect’s website

Events in Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington have become catalysts for inter-church collaboration, partnership with civic organizations, and a large number of ideas and innovations.