Good News Community Health Center Helps Neighbors in Need

on Wednesday, September 04, 2013 Posted in Stories, Happenings, Health & Wellness

Good News Community Health Center Helps Neighbors in Need
Since 2007, Good News Community Health Center has been a force in the Gresham neighborhood of Rockwood. After treating patients at a Compassion Clinic, Dr. Bob Sayson realized the enormous need for health treatment in his neighborhood. Stepping away from his medical practice of 15 years, Dr. Sayson founded the health center in a former tanning salon. Since 2007 over 500 volunteers have had the opportunity to serve with this faith-based organization. Beyond community volunteers, Good News optimizes the skills of medical students, with over 80 students learning what professional sacrifice looks like.

Good News Community Health Center's mission is to provide excellent physical, mental, and spiritual care to the underserved with the love of Christ. The center loves unconditionally, serving neighbors without health insurance, and neighbors with incredibly diverse religious backgrounds. Over 18,000 patient encounters have occured since 2007, bringing Christ into community life. Good News works with the city of Gresham, and local churches and organizations, providing a great example of collaborative work.

A little over a year ago, a story in the Oregonian was written on Good News. Check it out here.

Also look at Good News Community Health Center's website for volunteer information.