Making a Difference in a "Flash"

on Sunday, February 15, 2015 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

It started with a simple idea: respond to needs in the community with simple acts of love. From spontaneous yard cleanups to planned park events, Flash Love is made up of people just like you and I who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. No hidden agendas, no expectations in return: just tangible expressions of love and support offered through acts of service. Message through action.

Flash Love's connection to Washington Elementary began last December when they first learned of a critical need at the Courtyard Village apartments. The entire complex was being evicted, one section at a time, just before Christmas. When Andrea Pineda (Activities Coordinator for Flash Love) spoke with Carla Feltz (Washington Elementary's Community Coordinator), she discovered that Carla does much more than help with impending issues of students becoming homeless.

Washington Elementary's student population is experiencing a staggering 96% poverty rate. Carla and her intern bring a free food program to their students and community twice a month. In addition, they offer cold weather items to the children and provide vital support for the Boys & Girls Clubs in the area, and so much more. Carla has been working with many other organizations to bring hope to children who would otherwise be forgotten.

"The most amazing thing about this woman, and the staff at this particular school," says Andrea, "is their love. They are so positive and energetic. I am always in awe of the tireless work they do in the school and for the community."

Flash Love is currently working on two specific projects to help Carla and her team at Washington Elementary. First, they are actively recruiting "lunch buddies" for literally every student at the school. Each volunteer will be screened through the school and then simply spend one hour each week sitting and spending time with their adopted student during the lunch hour. For students who have this type of "mentor" relationship, the impact is tremendous.

The second project Flash Love is currently leading is to obtain gloves for every student. Andrea noted, "They have enough hats, yet winter gloves (not the knit ones) are really needed right now. We are going to have rain for a while still, and many of the students walk to school."

To help fund this current project, Flash Love is selling two beautiful new King Size Bed frames (headboard/footboard/rails). One is $250, and the other $400. If people want to purchase those items or donate gloves on their own, it will make a huge difference.

Andrea went on to say, "This will be a school we will support forever—or until we see the community has rallied around it enough that we can focus on another."

The folks at Flash Love won't be mere "flash in the pan." They are in it for the long haul. To purchase their quality beds or furniture, or to help with these or upcoming projects, you can contact Andrea directly at 360-904-2670. Visit their website