NY CityServe School Partnerships

A national model of school partnerships.

on Wednesday, December 03, 2014 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

20/20 Vision for Schools is proud to partner with NY CityServe to celebrate and accelerate community and school partnerships providing arts programs, life skills, college pathways, mentoring, and more.

We celebrate the school partnerships that already exist, and aim to accelerate momentum and impact by doubling that number before NY CityFest, with continued growth thereafter. We embrace the long-range goal to see at least 10% of New York City's 7,100 churches partnering with public schools and equipping students to achieve their potential. We will support that goal as a vehicle for awareness, volunteerism, and deepening relationships among school administrators and educators, community members, pastors, ministry leaders, students, and families.

Our sister movement, NY CityServe, was officially launched on September 23rd this year. One of the first things they did was to launch a survey of New York City's churches, determining what types of programs were already in place. That survey neared completion on November 30th. It will establish a baseline for how many school partnerships already existed at the launch of CityServe; how many students they served (and in what capacities); and how many partnerships were mobilized as a result of the CityServe efforts.

We'll keep you updated with information on the progress of CityServe NY and their education focus throughout 2015. For more details see their website at http://nycityserve.org/.