Providing A Safe Environment for Homeless Students with Second Home

on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 Posted in Happenings, Opportunities, Homelessness

Providing A Safe Environment for Homeless Students with Second Home

Second Home, a community response to the difficult problem of providing housing for unaccompanied, homeless youth while they attend Beaverton high schools, is always seeking families willing to open their homes. These youth desperately need stability as they work towards high school diplomas. From Second Home's website: "Home-providers offer room and board to the student while they attend high school. All home-share arrangements are governed by rental agreements and house rules that the families and students negotiate together with the help of the Second Home staff and a volunteer mediator from the Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center."

Currently working with the highest number of students they have seen at the beginning of a school year, Second Home seeks those willing to provide emergency/temporary shelter or permanent housing through the school year. According to Jennifer Pratt, program coordinator, "It's much better to have home providers ready and waiting for students, than to have homeless kids waiting for housing." Do you feel called to provide this much needed service with Second Home?

Read an informative Q&A on Second Home's website and watch the video below to learn more about the need in Beaverton.

EVO 10.0 // Second Home from the sm evo experience on Vimeo.