Redefining the Shadow of the Church and Aiding Foster Children

How the faith community and government agency are finding common ground

on Monday, May 20, 2013 Posted in Stories, Happenings, Foster Care

Redefining the Shadow of the Church and Aiding Foster Children

Oregonian Columnist Steve Duin beautifully writes about how churches are impacting Foster Care and the revolutionary partnership between DHS and the collective church in Portland, one devoted to replacing the excess of needy foster kids in the city with a surplus of potential foster families.

The goal: 884 new families, enough to provide safe and healthy placement for every foster child in the metro area.

Jerry Burns, the director of the agency's foster-care services in Multnomah County, stepped forward at Imago Dei Community to redefine "the shadow of the church."
"I want to think every family in the community lives in the shadow of a church or caring individual, and the help and care they receive will transform the family in ways that last a lifetime."

That radical redesign began when Jillana Goble -- an adoptive and foster parent -- delivered 25 welcome boxes to the DHS office at Southeast 122nd and Powell, emergency rations for children who arrive in a police car and wait far too long to depart with total strangers.

Goble signed on with the Portland Leadership Foundation to create Embrace Oregon, which seeks to connect vulnerable children, healthy families and exhausted child-care workers ... and add to the 16 new families that have already opened their homes to foster kids.

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