School Partnership Movement Growing Across the Country

on Thursday, April 13, 2017 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

The Portland/Vancouver area is not the only place where churches are discovering their role in serving their public schools. One of the other exciting movements we've connected to is centered in Houston, Texas.

LOVING HOUSTON formed when church and faith-based leaders realized there were needs in their community that could only be adequately addressed by collaborative efforts. Like we discovered here in our own local area, the needs in the public schools quickly came into focus. LOVING HOUSTON is working to bring churches together to meet some of those needs.

In 2017 they are focusing on building relationships with more churches in their community. In addition, they have a new Executive Director, Marilyn Lee, who is helping them build this collaborative network in service to the more than 500 schools in their local area.

Recently LOVING HOUSTON produced a new video entitle, Will You Believe In Me? We thought you might like to see this compelling piece. WATCH HERE.

The message of the video is simple: Schools and school districts across Greater Houston are ASKING for churches to volunteer! It's as if the students are asking, "Do you believe in me?"

That's a great question.....and one we continue to try to answer "YES" here in the Portland/Vancouver area!