Seattle's Light Up the City Network

on Monday, February 22, 2016 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

The Light up the City network was formed through the collaboration of Christian leaders based in the Seattle region with a desire to serve their city in the love of Jesus. These leaders are responding to a movement which seems to be moving throughout the Pacific Northwest. Churches around the Northwest have been finding their way into fellowship with one another across denominational boundaries in their respective cities and forming city-focused church networks. In the greater Seattle region, more than 25 of these networks in 25 different cities (from Edmonds to Enumclaw) are beginning to discover a shared sense of mission for their city as well as the Seattle region.

The Purpose Statement the taskforce developed for the Light up the City network is: Connecting networks of local efforts to transform the Seattle region through the love of Jesus Christ. This purpose statement expresses the shared desire to serve Seattle with the love of Jesus Christ, doing so primarily through connecting and collaborating with one another.

An upcoming event exemplifies the new effort. Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland will speak on "Thriving School Partnerships" at a citywide "Light up the Night" gathering, scheduled for February 18th. Churches are encouraged to invite school partners and those from their networks who are passionate about serving the community through improving student success.

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