Serving Schools is Contagious

on Friday, October 23, 2015 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

We love to share stories of how other communities around the nation are developing their own "Church and School Partnerships." Recently our friends at "BE UNDIVIDED" included the story of one such new partnership in Anchorage, Alaska. In the summer of 2014, the Luis Palau Team (SPN's parent organization) held a city-wide festival in Anchorage, and we are especially interested in what is happening up north. Here's the story shared on the "BeUndivided" website:

"Pastor Greg McCormick of LifeSpring Bible Church in Anchorage, Alaska, got his hands on an Undivided DVD a couple of years ago, and after watching it felt a tug on his heart that he recognized as God urging him forward to pursue a similar community outreach with his own church. He took it to the principal at Bartlett High School and asked them if there was any way the school would open its doors to the church for the purpose of serving students and staff."

"The principal decided to invite the school's staff to watch the film, and there ended up being a large group gathered for the screening just days later. As Greg describes it, there wasn't a dry eye in the place. The question posed in the documentary, "What can we do for you?" seemed to render even the biggest critic speechless. Once Greg saw that hearts had been opened to the possibilities, the next steps flowed. People started stepping up one by one. Being welcomed in with open arms by Bartlett High enabled the church to help launch a clothes closet and food pantry within the school building itself, which immediately impacted the student community."

"Tom Ruggles and Judy Lavigne, members of LifeSpring Church and the point people implementing the service at Bartlett, were both overwhelmed with how the entire community came together to support this new relationship. A retail store across the street donated hangers for the clothes closet, food and clothes began arriving by the truck loads to the church."

"And best of all, Judy shared, was the relationships that so quickly bloomed. As she was dropping off a load of supplies to the room that the school has supplied them with one day, there were students in there working on a mural to beautify the space. It was a meaningful welcoming touch, as they had noted how run-down the room had previously looked. A new coat of paint, carefully applied by their new friends, to start a great new partnership!"