Snow Cones and "Hello Kitty"

on Wednesday, December 03, 2014 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

The occasion was the 2nd Annual Faith-Based School Partnership Breakfast held at Northside Baptist church last month. Launched last year under the tutelage of SPN, this year's event was planned and organized by local participants. What started as just an idea to build awareness in the larger community has now developed in a self-sustaining partnership between VPS and churches through the district.

Anne Johnson, a Public Health Nurse for Clark County and the Director of Partnerships for Healthy Neighborhoods, has been working with a number of key faith and community leaders through monthly Faith-Based Coffee meetings to bring such coalitions together. Her team has taken on the responsibility to foster the initial momentum of last year's event and move such efforts forward.

The agenda for this year's gathering featured a number of stories of how these church and school partnerships are working. Representatives from both the schools and their church partners reported on how these partnerships are impacting their community. A number of these relationships were actually launched out of last year's gathering. Others had already been working together but took on new depth after learning how they might partner together more effectively.

Kellie Gordon, Director of Children's Ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church, told a touching story that happened this past fall at their annual Backpack/School Supply/Block Party Event. Final data indicated that about 210 children received school supplies needed for the school year. The children came from 4 high schools, 5 middle schools and 13 elementary schools. The event was staffed by 30 adults plus Trinity youth. About 200 family members were fed a meal, provided a free snow cone, and given the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun parking-lot activities! Excess supplies were given to their two partner schools, Lincoln Elementary and Discovery Middle School, for distribution through the year.

During this year's event, Kellie interacted with a young girl who had just received her very own "Hello Kitty" backpack and was enjoying a free snow cone. The wide-eyed little girl was almost overcome with emotion as she thanked Kellie and others for what she had received. The genuineness of her gratitude touched the heart of all those involved and brought into focus what was really going on that day.

Those of us gathered at Northside Baptist last month listened to Kellie share this touching story. As we listened, we could all sense how God had worked through a "Hello Kitty" backpack and snow cone to share His love with one of His children that day!

Fresh stories about your partnerships with local schools are always appreciated, both by those of us who work for SPN and for those who read about them in our newsletter or on our blog. Send your updates to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and look for them in an upcoming newsletter!