The Agape Blitz

Annual Community Service Campaign

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The Agape Blitz
Since 2008 Agape Blitz has served hundreds of people in the community and partnered with groups throughout the country, as well as other agencies and non-profits in Portland. This ministry has grown from a one day blitz, into a 3 to 6 week blitz, depending on the summer and the teams coming to Portland. Thousands of human hours have been given to public schools, abuse and trafficking shelters, day centers, food pantries, and homeless camps.

The folks at Agape Christian Church, sponsors of this annual event, often hear that "the people we serve are surprised that a church and Christians are serving free of charge." While this is a great witness for Jesus it is also a sad commentary on many local churches or people's opinion of them. Christians do not have to compromise their faith to serve, yet we enhance our faith by serving.

To give you an idea of what happens at Agape Blitz every year, let's just look at what happened during the first week of the campaign this year:

Agape Blitz Week 1:

The Park Plaza Church of Christ group from Oklahoma worked the first week, extremely devoted to helping the community in whichever way they could. The parents as well as the children worked hard day in and day out.

Monday and Tuesday were spent at Harrison Park School gardens. These gardens provide fresh food for the three surrounding apartment complexes near the school. The group pulled weeds out of the inside garden and the two gardens outside. Tuesday they were also able to paint both barns that were brought to Harrison Park. The volunteer leaders from Agape Christian Church said they had never seen children so diligent at such a task; they were willing to help in any way they could.

Wednesday was a day spent taping rooms at Wilson High School so that they could be painted the following week. The Oklahoma group was fast-paced and finished every task so quickly that the group spent the remaining time pulling weeds and brushing up the area around the school.

On Thursday the volunteers worked at another school, Llewellyn, preparing for another church to power wash the building and scatter bark dust. That evening they joined over 200 volunteers to serve at Portland's Night Strike and provide food, clothing, prayers, conversation, and foot washing to the 400+ homeless who gather under the Burnside Bridge each Thursday evening.

As they say, we saved the best for last! Friday the combined group of volunteers attended the Lambert House, which is a daycare facility for the elderly. I'm not sure who had more fun, the elderly or the volunteers. Everyone involved agreed it was a great way to end the Agape Blitz Week. You couldn't help but notice how much the children were loved by the elderly. Everyone had a great time and, as the group left, it was clear to see that both volunteers and the elderly were deeply impressed.

Is this kind of service effective? Consider this statistics...

• Portland Public Schools has to pay $1500-$1800 to have a class-room painted professionally. This summer the volunteers from Agape Blitz will paint nine classrooms for the cost of the paint and lunch (provided by the school).

For more information on Agape Blitz go here:

Thanks to Ron Clark, Pastor of Agape Christian Church, and his entire team for showing us how churches can truly make an impact on our community through service.