The Family Room

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The Family Room

The mission at The Family Room is to provide a homelike visitation setting for children living in foster care to spend time with their birth-parents.  The program aims to increase both the quantity and quality of supervised time families spend together. The goal is to reunite children with their birth parents in a safe, expedient, and sustainable approach.

The Family Room’s primary focus is to extend the unconditional love of Jesus to hurting and broken families. Kimberlee Olmsted founded the Family Room after working as a social worker in Oregon’s Child Welfare System for nine years. Shortly after the birth of her first child in 2007, God began laying a desire on her heart to help better the lives of hurting foster children by strengthening the parenting skills of their birth parents.

The framework for The Family Room was born at that time, and in early 2012, she began taking steps to make The Family Room into its own non-profit organization. During this process, God provided a way for The Family Room to open its doors through a partnership with Mosaic, her beloved church community of ten years. Kimberlee joined the staff at Mosaic in January 2014 and operates the program out of the church building. She could not be more grateful to have this opportunity and is so thrilled to be able to love people and meet tangible needs in the name of Jesus.

Volunteer shifts are on Tuesday afternoons/evenings and Saturday mornings.