"THE MEETUP" A United Effort to Learn and Serve

on Thursday, December 03, 2015 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

The School Partnership Network is just one of several such initiatives currently operating around the country to bring the local church into relationship with their public schools. We know of efforts in a number of cities around the country that mirror many of the things we are doing. A number of those actually have been launched in response to what they've seen happening here in Portland. That's just one thing we can be proud of at SPN!

While each city has taken a somewhat different approach, we are always encouraged to see what others are doing. We recently became aware of a group in the south Bay Area in California that has been very effective in this regard, especially in providing training for those who seek to work with the school system.

This group in Palo Alto and the surrounding region gathered earlier this fall for what they call "THE MEETUP"—a number of workshops offered to help volunteers from local churches find effective ways to serve in their schools. Workshops include subjects like ESL classes for parents, one-day projects, ministry shifts in reaching today's teens, Bible clubs in public schools, establishing trust and relationships with school officials, making disciples through SAM (Science, Art and Math) camps, and several more.

In addition, there is an ongoing effort to identify and connect with a number of smaller, ethnic congregations in the region. They noted that the most pressing need for these leaders is to find a "rhythm of soul care" as they seek to serve in a diverse community, including at their local schools. They strive to build healthy leaders so they are equipped to create healthy schools and communities.

Whether it's with the Bay Area, Houston, Phoenix, Kansas City, NYC, Dallas, or elsewhere around the country, we at SPN are standing with those who are united together, to bridge the gap between the faith community and public schools.