Tigard Churches Honor DHS Staff and Foster Children

on Tuesday, May 03, 2016 Posted in Stories, Happenings, Foster Care

Meadow Springs Community Church, Westside: A Jesus Church, and the City Bible Church 217 Campus worked together to provide a special breakfast on March 31 for DHS staff as part of Caseworker Appreciation Month. Volunteers from each church helped make coffee and provided pastries, fruit, and thank-you notes to each worker who is on the front lines with the community's most vulnerable children.

In addition, Grace Chapel, Westside: A Jesus Church, and the City Bible Rocky Butte campus have each committed storage space for Welcome Boxes. Volunteers from each church manage the inventory and check for boxes to ensure the correct items are included. These volunteers often have welcome boxes filling their homes and cars as they drive all over the city making sure that a child receives a warm welcome when they first enter foster care.