Feeding Portland's Hungry for 23 Years

Potluck in the Park Seeks Volunteers

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Feeding Portland's Hungry for 23 Years

Potluck in the Park has been serving a free hot meal to anyone in need - no questions asked - since 1991. Every Sunday, rain or shine, 52 weeks a year, they're providing a hot meal in downtown Portland's O'Bryant Park. Thanks to wonderful volunteers, every Sunday a public park becomes a community of those wishing to serve anyone in need.

Serving Portland's hungry citizens every Sunday is an amazing feat. Because of Potluck in the Park, 400 to 800 Portlander's do not go hungry each week. In 2012 alone, the initiative served over 30,000 guests! 

Potluck in the Park is driven by both generous donations and incredible volunteers. Food is donated by individuals, businesses, organizations and religious institutions of all faiths. Supplemental donations are gleaned on a weekly basis from area grocers, bakers, wholesalers, hotels, restaurant owners and caterers. 

Due to Potluck in the Park being volunteer-driven, the non-profit constantly seeks new faces to help out on Sundays. Please visit their volunteer page to sign up for any given Sunday this year!