Good Neighbor Project

on Friday, August 08, 2014 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network, Opportunities

While August public school cleanup days have become somewhat of a tradition in the Portland area, Pastor Gabe Kolstad of his Westside Community Church, along with his congregation, wanted to do something more. Partnering with the City of Beaverton and other local area non-profits, they are leading the "Good Neighbor Project" on Sunday, August 24th.

The "Good Neighbor Project" starts with a rally at 9 AM at Aloha High School. Special guests include Mayor Denny Doyle and Kevin Palau. Following the rally everyone will be asked to pick one of several projects that have been planned in advance:

❏ (4 & Up) School Cleanup (AHS, Mt. View, Five Oaks)

❏ (4 & Up) Foster Family Support

● Hygiene Kits for needy families

● Diaper bags for brand new Foster Parents

● Goodie Trays for the staff at west side DHS offices

❏ (4 & Up) Random Acts of Prayer & Kindness

❏ (6 & Up) Park Cleanup @ Melilah Park

❏ (10 & Up) Transitional Youth Center Makeover

❏ (14 & Up) Car Clinic for single parents & seniors

❏ (16 & Up) Stottler Home Renovation

Optional "Good Neighbor Project" T-Shirts will be available for purchase at the rally for $10 each. The church will be distributing 5-10,000 flyers in advance of the event within the larger community to promote the opportunity for serving together. The hope is that they'll see neighbors serving neighbors throughout.

For more information, contact Westside Community Church at (503) 649-1858