Agape Blitz 2016

on Tuesday, October 04, 2016 Posted in Stories, School Partnership Network

In 2008,Agape Church of Christ began a day of service in the community entitled Agape Blitz. Their supporting church, Park Plaza Church of Christ in Tulsa, helped them launch this effort in 2009. In 2012, Agape Blitz developed into multiple weeks as groups from Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas joining the local congregation in this community service and outreach

By 2014, the Agape Blitz had grown to 6 full weeks of projects. Over time those descending on Portland have rebuilt transition homes at Dignity Village, painted many classrooms for the Portland Public Schools, cleaned and prepared schools for students, built play structures for non-profits focusing on human trafficking, abuse, or low-incomechildcare; and developed community gardens for apartment complexes. 

Agape Blitz 2016 became a time to focus on three organizations over a three week period. The church partnered with thesupporting church from Tulsa, the youth group from Eastside Church in Portland, and the national gathering of the Disciple Making Ministry Conference to work at theselocations

·       Hazelnut Grove – A self-sustaining community for those without a home. Groups joined the Hazelnut Grove community to prepare for winter and the fall building projects of tiny houses. Meeting others and working side by side with residents offered a great opportunity for our groups to realize that people not only need compassion, they need help to find community and support.

·       Outgrowing Hunger – This non-profit works with lower income families to offer education, violence prevention, and opportunities to become self-sufficient. The Agape Blitz volunteers returned this year to help them plant, maintain, and develop gardens to feed multiple families, especially refugees living in nearby apartment complexes.

·       Salvation Army White Shield Center – The center accepts underage girls who are pregnant or who have children. Many of these girls have been abused or are from dysfunctional families. Our teams helped develop new a new playground and finished landscaping projects, including installing a new fence. 

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