Kids Rock! Shares the Gospel with Hillsboro Students

on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Posted in Stories, School Partnership Network

Kids Rock! Shares the Gospel with Hillsboro Students
In partnership with local nonprofit Kids Rock!, Parents at Jackson Elementary in Hillsboro have formed an after-school group geared toward sharing the Gospel of Christ with kids.

Once a week, about 40-50 kids gather in the school’s gymnasium after school hours to hear and discuss a Bible message, worship, and pray together. Not only does the group provide a wonderful fellowship for the Christian kids in the school, it creates a great avenue for Christian kids to invite their friends.

Amy Wilson, who leads the group, says the parents who founded it share a desire to unite Jackson Elementary’s Christian community and provide an opportunity to reach kids who don’t yet know Christ. “I love the community it has created with both the kids who attend as well as the families who help lead the group,” Wilson comments. “It makes the school feel like a family!”

These parents, who represent several of the area’s churches, began the group with the help of Kids Rock!, a nonprofit ministry dedicated to planting Gospel-centered extracurricular groups at local public schools. The Jackson Elementary group is the second of its kind to be planted under the Kids Rock! Umbrella. However, the ministry hopes to spread these groups by educating and encouraging Christian parents.

“We need this in every school! God has opened a wide door to us,” Dave Hathaway, president of Kids Rock!, says. “We need to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to reach kids in these formative years when they are most open to the Gospel. It is our vision to reach every school with this ministry.”

The Kids Rock! Website provides the resources and contact info needed to start an after-school group. Visit to learn more.