Mending the Soul

on Friday, November 07, 2014 Posted in Stories, Health & Wellness, Human Trafficking

Recently, Pastor Ben Thomas from Imago Dei Community Church shared about the church's Refuge groups which come together in community to share, encourage, and heal. One of their Refuge groups centers around a program by Mending the Soul, whose mission is “to equip and resource community and church leaders around the world in an informed and compassionate response to those impacted by abuse.” Christopher Coffman, associate pastor of outreach at River West Church, had this to say about Mending the Soul:

"Several years ago the pastors and elders of our church asked the question: What does it look like to be a church that is a safe, loving, healing community for men and women who have experienced abuse? This question led us on journey to discover what kind of resources were available for churches to use. Sadly, there were not many that helped people understand the complex effects of abuse from a biblical perspective. Thankfully, the Lord introduced us to Steve and Celestia Tracey from Mending The Soul in this process! The resources they created allowed our church to offer safe, same-gender small groups where men and women can allow Jesus to work through the wounds they've received. Today, at any given week in our church, dozens of abuse survivors are experiencing hope and healing through our partnership with Mending The Soul!"