Portland-Based Ministry Goes National

on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 Posted in Stories, School Partnership Network

Portland-Based Ministry Goes National
Nationwide, schools have exhausted their resources keeping up with needs of the children. In fact, the schools were never meant to provide for more than the educational needs of the kids. Nearly half of the schools in our country are in dire need of support. All people of faith have a primary call to respond to the needs of at-risk children and their families. 

where do you find those children and families?…………IN THE SCHOOLS!  

Originally formed out of Southlake Foursquare’s initial work at Roosevelt High School right here in Portland, Be|Undivided has grown and is now making a difference in cities across the country. They have become a resource and a primary voice to tell the tremendous stories of how churches impact public schools. The movement is truly growing!
Already this fall Be|Undivided has helped promote a big Back-to-School clean-up event in Seattle, launched a pilot literacy project here in Portland with the hopes of a Portland-wide project in the coming year, met with the US Department of Education in DC, brought Be|Undivided to Florence South Carolina and began our National Roundtable Conversation.

Their Five Core Principles are: 

No Agenda: BeUndivided churches don't initiate service to the school as an avenue for proselytizing.

Humility: We encourage churches to recognize the expertise of school staff, and come alongside to fill in school-identified needs and gaps.

Excellence: We are people of our word. We encourage our people to under-promise and over-deliver!

Commitment: We believe that churches need to be committed to the long-term needs of the schools they serve.

Serving Together:  We urge churches to encourage their congregations to be present with the schools they serve together- games, plays, functions, serve days, etc.  We believe that there is power in community.

for more information visit www.beundivided.com