Vancouver Partnerships Meet

on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 Posted in Stories, Happenings, School Partnership Network

Vancouver Faith-Based Coffee hosted the 4th Annual Faith-Based School Partnership Breakfast on Tuesday January 31st, 2017. There were over 175 attendees, including leadership staff from Vancouver Public School local faith communities.

Just two weeks later the Evergreen Faith-Based Coffee hosted their Third Annual Partnership Breakfast on February 15th. Altogether, they had over 140 attendees including representatives from over 35 church partners, 25 agencies and leadership from across the Evergreen School District. Both events are outgrowths of initial gatherings sponsored by the School Partnership Network in their respective districts.

However, the story behind these gatherings is really the work of two incredible ladies who have taken the ball and run with it in the Vancouver. Anne Johnson serves as a Public Health Nurse for Clark County and Melanie Green is the Administrator of Family Involvement and the Community Resource Centers for the Evergreen Public Schools. Together these ladies run the Vancouver area "Faith-Based Coffee" gatherings each month that are now responsible for hosting these annual partnership breakfasts.

It's amazing what happens when people gather around the table to discuss how they might be able to work together to address issues in their community. The Faith-Based Coffee meetings allow faith communities to share, learn and discuss how they can support the community, partner with other organizations, and help meet the needs of children and families. In both this annual partnership breakfast and in their monthly "faith-based coffee" gatherings, these dynamic ladies help bring leaders together to discuss the needs of youth and others in their community, including homelessness, adverse childhood experiences, parental resilience, school attendance issues, resource sharing, staff development, and much more. It goes without saying, without the leadership of someone like Anne and Melanie, many of these issues would often go unaddressed within the larger community.

You can't help but be encouraged when you see the passion of the people involved in such gatherings. With the full support of VPS Superintendent Dr. Steven Webb and Evergreen Superintendent Dr. John Deeder, Anne and Melanie are continuing their efforts to unite their community in meaningful action.

For more information visit the Faith-Based Coffee websites:

Clark County and Evergreen Public Schools