School Partnership Network

School Partnership Network

Church communities large and small throughout the Portland area are working together with public schools, providing consistent volunteers and supporting projects.

Collaborative efforts such as Community Care Day have become vehicles for awareness, ongoing involvement and deepening relationships among school administrators, community members, pastors and ministry leaders.

As the School Partnership Network, our role is to:


We are committed to researching and documenting all partnerships between churches and schools, through a centralized and maintained database.


We support partnerships between churches and schools by connecting the resources of local ministries with school programs, teachers, administrators, and others who know the school’s needs.


We facilitate training opportunities that enhance existing partnerships and encourage additional relationships between churches and schools.


We use blogs, newsletters, and other forms of communication to share stories, ideas, and best practices from the partnerships.


We gather volunteers, ministry leaders, administrators, teachers, students, and families to celebrate the relationships and successes accomplished through these partnerships.